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What You Need to Know Before Using Google Analytics

An Introduction to Google Analytics

Analytics matters, what it can do for you, why it’s critical for business success, etc. Now it’s time to get critical.

What exactly is Google Analytics and how do you get all that amazing data out of it?

Let’s dive in.

To start, here are 3 acronyms to remember:

  • GA = Google Analytics
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM/Paid Search = Search Engine Marketing

Before I go any further, I’ll include a side note for anyone who’s reading this book to learn how to stalk or otherwise mine personal data: Google Analytics doesn’t track personal information. What it gathers is known as non-PII data, which stands for non personally identifiable information. So, when I say that GA can tell you where your visitors live, what that means is that it can give you the breakdown of geographical information. For example, it can tell you that in July, 17% of your website traffic originated from the New York City area. It cannot tell...

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners


5 Must-Read Digital Marketing Books for Beginners

We are currently experiencing technology moving faster than it ever has before and with this current phenomenon comes some changes. The technological change applies to almost every field possible. One field, in particular, that is seeing some big changes in the marketing department. More specifically, In the sense that companies are starting to notice the importance of having a strong digital marketing team. The power of analytics, social media, SEO (search engine optimization)  and SEM (search engine marketing), for example, is something that companies cannot simply ignore anymore. Digital marketing is an up and coming profession and now is your chance to get ahead of the crowd and start to gain some knowledge on the field. Below we will list our five favourite digital marketing books you can get today to start you off. These books are all from people with experience in the field, focusing on different...

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Introduction to Segments in Google Analytics

How to use segments to get better analytics

Segments are one of the most underutilized tools in Google Analytics, and it is for that reason that in most of the classes I teach, I concentrate on segments as one of the cornerstones of measuring persona behaviours consistently.

Segments are not only great tools to measure performance in Google Analytics, in fact, they can be exported into other tools to help simplify customization.

For example, Google Data Studio.

Segments are subsets of Analytics data. Meaning your analytics data represents 100% of your visitors to the site, a subcategory could be males from age 35-45 which represents 17% of your visitors and that in turn is a subset of your total visitors.

In analytics, you have a wide variety of ways in which you can set up your segment.

As a business, you need to create segments as they will let you dive in and analyze personas, behaviours and campaigns which will help you optimize specific aspects of your business accordingly.


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